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"Free" is a single by Ericka Streets, released on 9 November 2005 as the second single from First Call for Global Success.


"Free" was the first song Ericka wrote for the First Call for Global Success album in September 2003. The song was written entirely by Ericka herself, who claimed that writing the song took over a month.

"Free" was produced by independent producer Zoayy. Talking about the song’s instrumental, Streets said "I approached Zoayy in February of 2004. I literally just said hi, showed her the lyrics of the song, sang the song to her and asked her to make a song out of it." Zoayyy said in another interview "I was shocked when I was told that Ericka Streets wanted to see me. When she asked me to produce the song for her, I was stressed out. I told her to give me two weeks, so she came back a fortnight later and… yeah, that's it. I didn't ask for much in return. I wasn't expecting the song to get anywhere near as popular as I thought it would."

The song contains the word "bitch" in the pre-chorus. However, the word is censored and replaced with "witch" for radio airplay.

Free, Part 2


"Free, Part 2" is a song by Ericka Streets, a continuation of her song "Free". The song appears as a B-side on some CD singles of "Free" and was featured on the deluxe edition of First Call for Global Success. Despite not being a single, it was sent to radio on 14 April 2006.