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Dragoje as Jadranko is the Sallish dub of Drake & Josh, dubbed by Make It Loud Studijo. It premiered on 8 April 2005 on Nickelodeon, airing until 24 April 2006, then moved to Up Kanal's Nickelodeon Go ! block in September 2007. It aired its final episode on 7 January 2010, almost three years after it ended in the United States.

The series continued to be reran on Kuku TV and Nickelodeon until 28 November 2020, when it was pulled from the schedule due to abuse allegations against Drake Bell and Ben Lusejik (who dubbed Drake) being a known pedophile. This decision caused viewers to become frustrated at those channels with some vowing to stop watching Nickelodeon entirely.

Voice cast

  • Ben Lusejik as Drake Parker
  • Marko Jelenapjok as Josh Nichols
  • Marija Lelikapjok as Audrey Parker-Nichols
  • Sajkon Íkamli as Walter Nichols
  • Majina Marković as Megan Parker


Season Local premiere Local finale
1 8 April 2005 13 May 2005
2 2 September 2005 9 December 2005
3 17 April 2008 16 October 2008
Drake & Josh Go Hollywood 13 November 2008
4 9 April 2009 7 January 2010
Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh 17 December 2009



  • The theme song is dubbed, but only in the title sequence and not any other times it is sung. Sallish and Castilian Spanish were the only dubs to dub the intro. However, all other moments of singing are left in English or M&E.
  • Majina Marković, who voices Megan, later went on to voice Miranda Cosgrove's character, Carly Shay, in iKarlja.
  • On 13 November 2020, Drake & Josh was discussed on a news report by SRT regarding if it should continue airing.
  • Despite the series being pulled from airing, Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh still aired in December 2020.


  • All instances of Megan using the word "boob" are cut out or translated differently. Also, on the English audio track, they are muted.
  • The following lines were cut out in "Pilot":
    Josh: "I have to use the little boy's room."
    Drake: "There's a sink in the kitchen."
  • The baby's butt in "Two Idiots and a Baby" was blurred out.
  • In "We're Married?", Drake unzipping his trousers with the intention of urinating to put out a fire, was cut out.
  • Josh peeing in "Vicious Tiberius" was cut out.
  • Drake and Josh being stripped naked in Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh was cut out. It instead immediately skips to them arriving at the house.